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Airport Line; New Bridges over M60 & M56 motorways

New bridge under construction alongside the M56 in October, it was moved into position overnight 24/25 November 2012.
New M60 bridge being transported into position overnight 3/4 November 2012. This will carry Metrolink Airport line.
Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair TfGMC,
New bridge in place over M60.
Pictures courtesy of TfGM

Two new bridges are required to carry the Airport line over the M60 and M56 motorways.

Both bridges are of a single span design (not requiring a ‘central pier’) and were moved into position during a 24–hour closure of the motorway on separate weekends in November.

Each closure started to be introduced at 21:00 hours, with lane closures in advance of each approaching junction, ahead of the motorway closing in full in each direction from 22:00 hours Saturday to 22:00 hours Sunday.

For long distance through–traffic, diversions used the rest of the motorway network. Local traffic diversions were in place on the local road network.

The bridge over the M60 is south of the existing Fairy Lane overbridge between junctions 5 and 6. It was moved into position overnight 3/4 November.

The bridge over the M56 is next to the existing Hollyhedge Road overbridge between junctions 3 and 4. It was moved into position overnight 24/25 November.

The programme

The superstructures were built next to the bridge sites and were driven into place, from approximately 70 metres away, using two self-propelled modular transporters.

Each of these transporters has eight axles, and each axle has eight tyres — which amounts to 128 tyres in total across both vehicles.

The bridge forms comprise single span steel ‘through-deck’ structures founded on traditional reinforced concrete abutments.

Substructure stats

Superstructure stats