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From the unveiling of a model tram on 8th October 2008 to 3001’s journey to Queen’s Road Metrolink depot and a media event on 15th July 2009 also launch event with 3003 on 21 December 2009.

pictures courtesy of GMPTE & John McCarthy.

L. A 1.6 metre model was unveiled outside Manchester Central.
C. An artist’s impression of 3001 at Shudehill Interchange.
R. The first new tram under construction in Vienna.

Metrolink 3001 from Hull to Metrolink Queen’s Road depot on 12th and 13th July 2009
Sunday morning on transporter in Hull
1a, 3/4 view forwards
1b, 3/4 view rearwards
2, view of ‘B’ end
3, 3/4 view of ‘B’ end
3/4 view forwards

3/4 view rearwards
view of 'B' end3/4 view of 'B' end
Monday early morning
4, at roadside in layby
5, with police escort on motorway
6, near Queen’s Road depot entrance
at roadside in laybywith police escort on motorwaynear Queen's Road depot entrance
Monday early morning
7, entering depot at gatehouse
8, driving down approach road
9, preparing to unload
entering depot at gatehousedriving down approach roadpreparing to unload
Monday morning unloading
10, first wheels on the track
first wheels on the track  

Media event at Queen’s Road Depot 15th July 2009
11, view of ‘B’ end

12, view of seating

13, view through articulation

14, view of driver’s cab

15, outside view, two doors and articulation

16, Metrolink logo under driver’s cab side window

17, left Philip Purdy GMPTE and right Councillor Keith Whitmore GMITA

18, view of ‘A’ end and side

19, 3001 and 2001
view of 'B' endview of seatingview through articulation
view of driver's caboutside view, two doors and articulationMetrolink logo under driver's cab side window
left Philip Purdy GMPTE and right Councillor Keith Whitmore GMITAview of 'A' end and side3001 and 2001
More detailed descriptions on some image pages.

Your web author went to the media event and was favourably impressed by this new tram.

Launch event 21st December 2009
20, special guest Pete Waterman and Councillor Keith Whitmore, Chair of GMITA, greeting the driver

21, Mr Waterman cutting a commemorative ribbon

22, at Eccles

23, near Mediacity

24, at Harbour City

25, Mr Purdy and TSO
greeting the drivercutting the ribbonat Eccles
near mediacityat harbour cityMr Purdy and TSO
More detailed descriptions on image pages.
The destination indicator is seen clearly by the human eye.
It does not photograph well in daylight or bright artificial light.

Tram 3003 ran from Piccadilly Gardens to Eccles as a launch event special and returned to Piccadilly in public service.

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Text by Tony Williams LRTA Manchester Area Officer. Pictures courtesy of GMPTE & John McCarthy.