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20-16TramForward welcomes funding for West Midlands Very Light Rail schemes.August 2020 
20-15Trams for a healthier future.August 2020 
20-14Clean Air Now - Sign the Petition.July 2020 
20-13TramForward welcomes Transport for New Homes report.June 2020 
20-12Tyre particles are contaminating our oceans says Defra funded research study.June 2020 
20-11£2.7B Midlands Connect Plan for East Midlands.June 2020 
20-10Cleaner Air Saves Lives.May 2020 
20-09TramForward welcomes low-cost track project.May 2020 
20-08TramForward highlights recently announced pollution research from America.April 2020 
20-07TramForward disappointed with Department for Transport's latest publication.March 2020 
20-06Trafford Centre trams arrive 7 months early.March 2020 
20-05Fylde Coast Transport Summit hears calls for cleaner and greener transport.February 2020 
20-04Another successful Bath Trams conference.February 2020 
20-03TramForward welcomes progress on trams to Sutton.February 2020 
20-02TramForward congratulates Nottingham Trams on achieving international standard.February 2020 
20-01TramForward welcomes Councils agreement on Glasgow Airport - Paisley light rail link.January 2020 
19-11LRTA Sponsors Light Rail Conference in Blackpool.November 2019 
19-10Young PhD Student, Anna Chang, Highly Commended.October 2019 
19-09TramForward welcomes Government call for action on Non-Exhaust Emissions.July 2019 
19-08Bath Trams to host meeting on 12th June.May 2019 
19-07TramForward welcomes support for trams in Sutton consultationMay 2019 
19-06TramForward welcomes plans unveiled by the Glasgow Connectivity CommissionMay 2019 
19-05TramForward welcomes tram passenger survey results.'April 2019 
19-04Trams would cut premature death rate from air pollution.March 2019 
19-03Bath to undertake mass tansit study.March 2019 
19-02TramForward welcomes the decision on Edinburgh tram extension.'March 2019 
19-01Lytham Tram Link Report Published.January 2019 
18-10Successful Conference on Trams for Bath.December 2018 
18-09TramForward welcomes the launch of public service on Sheffield-Rotherham TramTrain Pilot.October 2018 
18-08New Welsh Rail Franchise and Cardiff Capital Region Metro.October 2018 
18-07Young Tram Campaigner Highly Commended.October 2018 
18-06Trams for Bath? Conference, 24th November.October 2018 
18-05Light Rail Transit Association supports Trams to Lytham.July 2018 
18-04LRTA welcomes Defra-DfT consultation ("Oslo effect").July 2018 
18-03Tram Campaigners and Professionals gather for conference at Edinburgh Park on Saturday 14th April 2018.April 2018 
18-02TramForward believes Improving Air Quality report does not go far enough.March 2018 
18-01Preston tramway project marks milestoneJanuary 2018 
17-09TramForward welcomes Transforming Cities FundNovember 2017 
17-08TramForward urges move to light rail to cut air pollutionSeptember 2017 
17-07TramForward disappointed with Government air quality policyAugust 2017 
17-06Edinburgh Trams return a profit earlier than forecast.July 2017 
17-05TramForward welcomes DfT tram statistics.July 2017 
17-04TramForward congratulates Edinburgh Trams on high customer satisfaction achievement.June 2017 
17-03TramForward supports All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group campaign on air qualityMay 2017 
17-02LRTA warns about high levels of pollution.March 2017 
17-01TramForward congratulates Transport for Greater Manchester on the successful opening of the Metrolink Second City Crossing.February 2017 
16-12Transport experts confirm that light rail for Leeds IS realistic and affordable and could be started with the NGT £250 million.December 2016 
16-11TramForward welcomes proposed TramTrain to Glasgow Airport.November 2016 
16-10TramForward welcomes investment boost in Chancellorís Autumn Statement.November 2016 
16-09TramForward urges Leeds to back TramTrainNovember 2016 
16-08A step forward for low-cost tram project.November 2016 
16-07Kimberley Tram Group welcomes HS2 announcement.November 2016 
16-06TramForward urges tackling air pollution particles linked to Alzheimer's disease.September 2016 
16-05TramForward welcomes proposals for Stanton Ironworks.September 2016 
16-04Trams to give Birmingham a continental feel.May 2016 
16-03TramForward backs TramTrain for West Yorkshire.May 2016 
16-02TramForward calls for another look at central London tram schemes.May 2016 
16-01TramForward welcomes Beauly to Denny Super Electrical Highway.April 2016 
15-23TramForward welcomes the development of two light rail schemes in Scotland.December 2015 
15-22TramForward welcomes Minister's enthusiasm for light rail.September 2015 
15-21Swansea City Region Passenger Transport.September 2015 
15-20TramForward Congratulates Nottingham Tramlink on its 150% expansion.August 2015 
15-19TramForward welcomes new marketing appointments for UKTram.August 2015 
15-18TramForward welcomes the week long test of Taiwan's new light rail system.August 2015 
15-17TramForward urges rethink on Stanton Ironworks site.August 2015 
15-16TramForward welcomes the Welsh Government's plans for a Cardiff City Region Metro.August 2015 
15-15TramForward welcomes Edinburgh Council's proposal to extend the tramway to Newhaven.July 2015 
15-14TramForward welcomes Alstom's new innovatory tram construction package.July 2015 
15-13TramForward welcomes the desire for East Midlands Airport to have a rail connection.June 2015 
15-12TramForward applauds annual increase in tram passengers.June 2015 
15-11TramForward welcomes the Combined Authority approach to transport integration.June 2015 
15-10TramForward congratulates new Transport Minister.June 2015 
15-09TramForward congratulates the Edinburgh Trams team on a successful first year.June 2015 
15-08Trams can provide fast connections between Blackpool and Lytham Station.May 2015 
15-07Trams can solve Oxford's traffic congestion.May 2015 
15-06Trams can free Cities from Choking to Death.May 2015 
15-05Trams bring housing growth.April 2015 
15-04UK Trams Triumph in Customer Satisfaction SurveyApril 2015 
15-03TramForward congratulates Edinburgh Trams on its high rating in Passenger Focus surveyMarch 2015 
15-02TramForward congratulates Steve Berry on award January 2015 
15-01TramForward welcomes public enthusiasm for trams January 2015 
14-08Metrolink opens early to Manchester Airport October 2014 
14-07TramForward welcomes Edinburgh Trams ridership figures September 2014 
14-06TramForward commends UKTram report June 2014 
14-05TramForward congratulates Transport for Edinburgh and the City Council on the opening of the Scottish capital's tram system May 2014 
14-04TramForward welcomes County Councilís transport plan for Oxford. April 2014 
14-03TramForward urges extension of proposed Glasgow Airport TramTrain service to Renfrew. March 2014 
14-02TramForward congratulates Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown on his announcement of the forthcoming recommendation for light rail in the Aecom report on surface links for Glasgow Airport.March 2014 
14-01TramForward calls on government to prioritise electric public transport to combat deadly air pollution.February 2014 
13-07Dundee should consider tourist tram proposal.December 2013 
13-06TramForward welcomes long-awaited TramTrain project.June 2013 
13-05TramForward supports Sutton's bid for Tramlink extensionMay 2013 
13-04Metrolink opens early to East DidsburyMay 2013 
13-03TramForward applauds Edinburgh City Council's action to ensure the new tramway's successFebruary 2013 
13-02TramForward congratulates Paul Rowen on Passenger Focus appointmentFebruary 2013 
13-01TramForward urges Derby to adopt tramway link to HS2February 2013 
12-07MP calls for revised safety standards to reduce costs of light rail projectsOctober 2012 
12-06TramForward welcomes the bold decision to introduce a light rail system to transform Perth Western AustraliaOctober 2012 
12-05TramForward calls for trams to combat health risks from pollutionJuly 2012 
12-04TramForward welcomes TramTrain approvalMarch 2012 
12-03TramForward looks to rapid progress on Wirral TramwayMarch 2012 
12-02TramForward welcomes TramTrain review for Glasgow Airport Rail LinkMarch 2012 
12-01TramForward welcomes Midland Metro announcementFebruary 2012 
11-16TramForward welcomes approval of Nottingham tram extensionDecember 2011 
11-15TramForward welcomes a Small AdvanceOctober 2011 
11-14Campaigner of the Year joins TramForward teamOctober 2011 
11-13TramForward endorses Liverpool light rail proposalOctober 2011 
11-12TramForward welcomes Edinburgh's forward-thinking decision to take trams to St Andrew SquareSeptember 2011 
11-11TramForward welcomes Special Council Meeting to review Edinburgh tram decisionAugust 2011 
11-10TramForward regrets decision to terminate the Edinburgh Tram at HaymarketAugust 2011 
11-09TramForward welcomes Croydon and Manchester tram initiativesAugust 2011 
11-08TramForward welcomes Low Cost Advice from Minister ahead of Edinburgh Tram ReviewAugust 2011 
11-07TramForward welcomes Minister's pro-tram commitmentAugust 2011 
11-06TramForward welcomes the new Dublin LUAS extensionJuly 2011 
11-05TramForward welcomes Edinburgh tram decisionJuly 2011 
11-04TramForward welcomes Tramlink NottinghamApril 2011 
11-03tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh) welcomes the Light Rail Transit Association March 2011 
11-02TramForward welcomes the latest decisions from the Department for Transport.March 2011 
11-01TramForward welcomes extra trams for CroydonFebruary 2011 
10-13TramForward positive decisions on light rail schemesOctober 2010 
10-12Parry People Movers 500,000th passenger at Stourbridge.September 2010 
10-11Former MP continues campaigning for light rail.July 2010 
10-10TramForward welcomes address to All-Party GroupJune 2010 
10-09TramForward celebrates Tramlink's 10th anniversaryMay 2010 
10-08TramForward welcomes initial approval for Midland Metro expansion.March 2010 
10-07TramForward celebrates six years of Nottingham TramMarch 2010 
10-06TramForward welcomes publication of Light Rail and the City regions ReportFebruary 2010 
10-05TramForward disappointed with Oxford Street reportFebruary 2010 
10-04TramForward congratulates Sheffield's Supertram on awardFebruary 2010 
10-03TramForward welcomes Nexus support packageFebruary 2010 
10-02TramForward welcomes new rail report for WalesFebruary 2010 
10-01TramForward welcomes the sustainable Glasgow reportFebruary 2010 
09-13Tram Train from Sheffield to Rotherham and ParkgateOctober 2009 
09-12Tram Too ForwardAugust 2009 
09-11TramForward criticises Government's 'Green transport' planAugust 2009 
09-10TramForward welcomes new tramway investmentAugust 2009 
09-09TramForward welcomes Government support for light rail schemesAugust 2009 
09-08TramForward welcomes final go-ahead for Nottingham tram extensionsJuly 2009 
09-07TramForward cautiously welcomes Midland Metro announcementJune 2009 
09-06TramForward congratulates Tony Depledge on UITP postJune 2009 
09-05TramForward concern over funding of Nottingham extensionsJune 2009 
09-04TramForward welcomes funding for Blackpool upgradeJune 2009 
09-03TramForward congratulates Nottingham Express Transit on 50 millionth passengerJune 2009 
09-02TramForward welcomes funding for Metrolink expansionMay 2009 
09-01TramForward - Suggests TramTrain for Bristol MetroJanuary 2009 
08-11TramForward - Reacts To Government Transport PackageDecember 2008 
08-10TramForward - Criticises "London's Step Backwards"November 2008 
08-09TramForward - Welcomes New Transport SecretaryOctober 2008 
08-08Light rail campaign continues with Labour in ManchesterSeptember 2008 
08-07TramForward - Campaigning At Major Party ConferencesSeptember 2008 
08-06TramForward - Welcomes Parliamentary Tram-Train DiscussionsJune 2008 
08-05TramForward - Welcomes Manchester Metrolink ExpansionMay 2008 
08-04Guided buses appear cheaper, but bring additional risks and fewer benefitsMay 2008 
08-03TramForward - Government Does Not Recognise Value Of Light RailApril 2008 
08-02TramForward - Welcomes Inclusion Of Tram-Trains In Government PlansMarch 2008 
08-01SSheffield - Rotherham Bus Rapid Transit Is A Myth, says TramForwardApril 2008 
08-01Welcomes Light Rail News In Manchester And BlackpoolFebruary 2008 
07-02TramForward - Government Performance "Woeful" says LRTA President"November 2007 
07-01TramForward - Launch Of A Light Rail ChampionNovember 2007 
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