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Fact Sheets

The index below lists the Fact Sheets currently available.

LRTA Fact Sheets have been drawn up under the auspices of the Association's Development Group and cover most issues involved in the selection of light rail and tramway systems, vehicle and infrastructure, design and technology choices and considerations, operational practices and experience and other issues of interest to those campaigning for improved public transport or in environmental or urban planning issues related to transport.

Some of the Fact Sheets are now out of date due to the passage of time - all those listed are believed to be still relevant though obviously the date of publication (shown in table) should be borne in mind when reading or using them.

The LRTA and/or the Authors reserves the copyright in respect of the Fact Sheets on this website. Prints may be taken and reproduced provided acknowledgementof the source is given.

Fact Sheets Index
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001-103Earlier Fact Sheets - Sorry not currently available #
104Brisbane - Light Rail Scheme Sidetracked08/00 
105Testing Time For Light Rail08/00 
106Light Rail - How Real Were The Problems?09/00 
107A Car Is For Leisure, Public Transport For Shopping Or Commuting, Or Is It?10/00 
108Transit In Australia - Which Direction?11/00 
109Austin (Texas), Stuck At The Transit Crossroads12/00 
110"Bus Firms Blame High Cost Of Fuel For Scrapping Of Routes" 12/00 
111Scottish Light Rail : Is It A "U" Turn?01/01 
112Light Rail - Diesels Filling A Vacuum01/01 
113Getting To The Games - Lessons From Sydney02/01 
114Leeds Supertram - Almost There02/01 
115Park + Ride, A Doubtful Response In Leeds03/01 
116Buses - "Stepping Stones" Towards Light Rail03/01 
117The Role Of Light Rail In Urban Transit Systems:
Winning Back Cities From The Automobile
118Light Rail - Slow Progress In South Wales04/01 
119Light Rail Developments In North America05/01 
120The Harbour Bridge In Sydney - Will The Trams Return?05/01 
121Local Travel - Getting The Price Right06/01 
122Light Rail - "A logical option but not always the cheapest"06/01 
123"Do You Want Metro Street Trams?"07/01 
124Does The Guided Bus Really Have A Purpose In Life?07/01 
125Rotterdam - 'TramPlus' Brings Ridership Upturn08/01 
126Portland's New Tram Line - More Than Nostalgia09/01 
127Urban Transit - Going Back To Square One10/01 
128Portsmouth's Monorail - Privately Financed11/01 
129By Tram To The Runway12/01 
130Calgary's Renewable Transit Power01/02 
131BRT As A Substitute For LRT was numbered 12902/02 
132Boston's Arborway Dilemma - Trams Or Buses03/02 
133Paris - Experiments With Tram Pneu04/02 
134Light Rail - A Near Miss For Brisbane05/02 
135Light Rail Saves Money Whilst Serving The Public06/02 

These Fact Sheets have previously been circulated to LRTA officers and other interested parties. For this reason they will not be altered in the light of subsequent events. Where relevant additional information or corrections are received this information will be added as a footnote to the Fact Sheet. This will be indicated by "+" in the "+" column. The source of the information will be indicated unless otherwise requested. Any other changes or additions will be indicated by a # mark.

Note: To produce documents under the title of 'Fact Sheets' is a time consuming process due to the need to check the accuracy of the information. This has led to a considerable delay in distribution. Fred Andrews, the author of most of the series, felt that this delay meant that in some cases the impact was being lost and requested that a more responsive system of production was required. To this end a new series under the title of 'Discussion Documents' has been devised which although in the same format as the 'Fact Sheets' are not subject to the same scrutiny and should be subject to less delay. See the Discussion Documents index for further details

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