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How to join the Light Rail Transit Association

The following membership categories are available.

Personal membership

Personal membership subscriptions run from January to December and you receive all 12 magazines for the calendar year. Part year membership, till December and/or December of the following year, may be available.

There is now a choice of postal or on–line versions of the magazine. Postal subscribers can also access the online version.

Student Membership

Student membership is available to anyone up to the age of 25 who is in full or part time education, or a work-related training scheme in the public transport industry including suppliers of goods and services. This reduced price is only available online.

Business subscriptions

Subscriptions paid by companies or other business employers on behalf of their employees; can be invoiced to the company or organisation concerned. Contact the Membership Secretary for details of Commercial membership.

Join through the LRTA Shop

Subscription rates for the UK and Overseas are available, go to Personal Membership, Student Membership or Commercial Membership.

On–line Magazine

This is available through LRTA Shop, The current and earlier issues, up to a maximum of 12, are available to download as PDF files for all members. As well as the Magazine(s) members can also access a members area and obtain discount on books and DVDs.

Access is through the LRTA shop If you have already created an account in the shop then log in to the account — otherwise create a new account. Once you are logged in a link to the On–line magazine should appear in the centre of the screen just above the link to 'Edit your account'. Due to security measures this link may not appear. If so use the edit account link to ensure your details match those in our database, especially the membership number, which requires the space between the initial letter(s) and the number, and email address. If the link does not appear after checking, and updating if needed, your details please email with your full details and we will activate it for you.

New postal subscribers

Go to the LRTA shop Follow the links to New personal LRTA Membership for the appropriate year and select your options.

New on–line subscribers

Go to the LRTA shop and open an account. Follow the links to New personal LRTA on–line Membership for the appropriate year and select your options.

Join by post

  1. See Personal Membership or Commercial Membership for prices.
  2. Download the subscription form, a PDF
  3. Print form ensure 'shrink oversized pages to paper size' is set
  4. Complete the form and send with payment or card details entered to
    LRTA, 38 Wolseley Road, SALE, M33 7AU, UK

Payment methods:

We can accept payment by the following methods:

Contacting the LRTA Membership Secretary

  1. by e–mail at
  2. by post to:-
    LRTA, 38 Wolseley Road, SALE, M33 7AU, UK

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