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Our goal for the LRTA links page is to create a comprehensive compendium of links to other sites concerned with light rail, tramways, urban transit, transport policies, transit heritage, as well as museums, tramways, metro systems, light rail systems, and other urban transit systems worldwide.

Or, to put it another way, if it's covered in LRTA's Tramways & Urban Transit magazine, and there's a website for it, we want a link to that website listed here!

The categories detailed overviews are below and page links are in the panel on the right.

If you would like your site to be listed, or want to recommend a site for listing, just drop a note We are interested in all sites of light rail and tramway interest, in all languages, and even if the connection is tenuous at best.

Please remember that that reciprocal listings are always welcome as well!

Links Categories

System Sites

Official and unofficial sites covering particular light rail, tram, metro, suburban rail, funicular, peoplemover, monorail, trolleybus, and similar types of transit systems around the world. The range of systems covered in the same as that in the SystemsNews section of Tramways & Urban Transport and thus includes existing, under-development, and proposed systems as well as heritage operations which operate on public highways (rather than as part of a museum). Also includes sites advocating the development of particular new systems or expansions of existing systems.

The organization parallels that in T&UT. Systems are grouped by country and then by city or region. Official sites of system operators/developers are listed by city name (and system name for cities with more than one system). Related sites (official and unofficial) are then listed by site name under the official site. (Due to the number of entries, there are separate pages the United Kingdom and the United States.)

Note: For lines which primarily operate as part of a museum, see the Museum Sites section. For historical systems which are no longer in operation, see the Personal And Club Sites section.

System Sites for United Kingdom, United States and Other Countries

Museum Sites

Sites for tram, transit, and similar museums around the globe as well as other musuems, such as railway museums, that include trams or metro cars within their collections. Includes both static and operating museums as well as "heritage operations" using restored or replica equipment (if not part of a larger system). Also includes research organizations devoted to tram, transit, and railway history.

Museum Sites, organized by country and then name.

Personal and Club Sites

Sites developed by individuals or clubs with an interest in light rail, trams, metros, etc. Includes both contemporary and historically-oriented sites as well as photo galleries, fan-oriented newslines, and virtually any other kind of tram, light-rail, or urban transit related site.

Note: For personal or club sites devoted to a particular system, see the system of interest in the System Sites section. For sites consisting primarily of links to other sites, see the Link Collection Sites section.

Personal and Club Sites

Magazine Sites

Magazines, journals, and other regular publications devoted to transit-related topics. Includes professional, technical, enthusiast, and other magazines published on a regular basis. On-line magazines ("e-zines") devoted to transit fall in this section as well.

Note: For newsletters and magazines published by museums, clubs, or organizations that and primarily intended for their members, see the corresponding group in the Museum Sites or Personal and Club Sites sections.

Magazine Sites

Professional Organization Sites

Organizations and associations devoted to the transit industry and/or transit operations. Include organizations made up of individuals as well as those whose "members" are transit system operators or transit industry companies. Also includes trade/industry associations devoted to urban transit.

Note: For enthusiast organizations, see the Personal and Club Sites section.

Professional Organization Sites

Government Sites

Official sites of government transportation ministries, departments, agencies, or similar entities at the regional, national, or multi-national level. Also includes quasi-governmental (or semi-privatized) entities and sites maintained by government entities covering particular transit topics, resources, or policies.

Note: For agencies which act as system operators, see the System Sites section.

Government Sites

Public Policy Sites

Sites which are devoted to transit policy issues, including urban planning, transportation alternatives, environmental issues, and transportation research. Also includes advocacy groups devoted to the promotion of light rail and innovative transit technologies.

Note: For groups advocating transit system development or improvement in particular cites, see the city of interest in the System Sites section.

Public Policy Sites

Commercial Sites

Any and all possible commercially oriented sites related to urban transit. Includes sites which sell books, videos, and similar materials.

Note that these are supplied purely for information only - no endorsement or connection with LRTA is implied.

Commercial Sites

Link Collection Sites

Sites which are primarily lists of links to other sites (or to particular things on other sites such as maps). Also includes links to "web rings" and other such collections of light rail and related sites.

Note: Many sites in the other sections also include extensive lists of links. This section is for sites which are exclusively (or almost exclusively) collections of links.

Link Collection sites

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