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Official and unofficial sites covering particular light rail, tram, metro, suburban rail, funicular, peoplemover, monorail, trolleybus, and similar types of transit systems. The range of systems covered in the same as that in the SystemsNews section of Tramways & Urban Transport and thus includes existing, under-development, and proposed systems as well as heritage operations which operate on public highways (rather than as part of a museum). Also includes sites advocating the development of particular new systems or expansions of existing systems.

The organization parallels that in T&UT. Official sites of system operators/developers are listed by city name (and system name for cities with more than one system). Related sites (official and unofficial) are then listed by site name under the official site.

Note: For lines which primarily operate as part of a museum, see the Museum Sites section. For historical systems which are no longer in operation, see the Personal And Club Sites section.

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