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The Historical Journal of the LRTA

Published quarterly it includes articles on the history of tramways in Britain. The scope is being extended to the history of foreign tramways, especially those which were influenced by Great Britain, and European tramways likely to be familiar to the British traveller.

Each issue includes a lively letters column and reviews of recently published books about tramway history.

Tramway Review is essential reading for the transport historian and anyone interested in the development of tramways. Much can be learnt from history, if only to avoid mistakes that have been made in the past.

Hon. Editor: Dr. Martin Dibbs – from edition 249
Hon. Editor: Revd. Richard Buckley – editions 213 to 248
Hon. Editor: Nigel C. Friswell B.Sc.Eng FIEE – editions 201 to 212
Hon. Editor: R. J. S. Wiseman B.A. – to edition 200

267 September 2021
A first view of European trams; Behind the Iron Curtain with the LRTL: East Germany 1971; Saint-Étienne before the PCCs: A wartime surprise: Charleroi's 400-series trams; A French connection; Letters and reviews.

266 June 2021
Last movements: Merthyr Tydfil; ‘Not with a bang but a whimper’; Britain’s worst tramway accident: Dover 1917 revisited – Part 2; Closure at Taunton; Letters and reviews.

265 March 2021
The LRTL tour of Scottish tramways: 30 July-8 August 1955; Claude Lane – A heartfelt appreciation; Britain’s worst tramway accident: Dover 1917 revisited – Part One; Seeking the Archduke (Vienna); Letters and reviews.

264 December 2020
The last British four-wheelers; A Manchester revival: Part 2; A wartime conductress; Picture This: Pontypridd; Index Vol. 35; Letters and reviews.

263 September 2020
Seventy years on; Thank you Royal Navy; British tramways’ wartime experience; A chronicle of borrowed time; The tramway tourists; Letters and reviews.

262 June 2020
London’s 1950 South Bank lines; Last movements: Dover & Merthyr; The Walthamstow tram chase; Aberdeen – a new discovery; More on Roundhay 3; Letters and reviews.

261 March 2020
Testing the prototype of Toronto's ALRV; Voices from the past: Aberdeen – Pt 3; Bolton Corporation Tramways Pt 3; A lost tram subway; Londoners Down Under; Changes at Ramsey; Letters and reviews.

260 December 2019
The Felthams in Leeds 1949-59; Voices from the past: Aberdeen – Pt 2; Bolton Corporation Tramways Pt 2; Roundhay’s last day; Letters and reviews.

259 September 2019
The 'Witts' of Leningrad: Part 2; Voices from the past: Aberdeen; Bolton Corporation Tramways Pt 1; Taking the Church car (Toronto's CLRVs); Letters and reviews.

258 June 2019
The 'Witts' of Leningrad: Part 1; Magnus Volk's electric railways; Last movements: Kingston-upon-Hull; The great survivor: Adelaide – Glenelg; Picture this: Stirling and Bridge of Allan Tramways; Letters and reviews.

257 March 2019
Last movements: Swansea & Mumbles; Birminghams high speed trials; Traditional tramway architecture. Pt 3; Fake news: Edinburgh; Picture this: Belfast; Letters and reviews.

256 December 2018
Liverpool remembered Part 2; A tribute to John Price; Traditional tramway architecture. Pt 2; A tram in the footlights; A passing tram; Letters and reviews.

255 September 2018
Northern Travelogue part 3: Liverpool remembered Part 1; The Lyon – Vaugneray tram; Traditional tramway architecture; A small tram in Germany; Letters and reviews.

254 June 2018
Northern Travelogue part 3: Liverpool; Aberdeen: 60 years without trams; The Blackburn toastrack; LRTL tram tours in London and Birmingham; Letters and reviews.

253 March 2018
Northern Travelogue part 2: Bury and Bolton; Then and now: Dundee; The Vambac project in Britain; Picture This: Darlington; Letters and reviews.

252 December 2017
Northern Travelogue part 1; Wigan – part 5; "Barbarism plus telephone" Kipling in America; Catching the 42? Letters and reviews.

251 September 2017
The Edinburgh Streamliners; Wigan Tramways part 4; Manila in the electric era; Imperial travel: Barcelona's double-deck trams; The tramcar and the snail; Letters and reviews.

250 June 2017
Last movements: Nottingham; Manila in the horse and steam era; Wigan – Part 3; Evolution of metal-bodied cars; Remembering Richard: A tribute to TR's former editor; Tramway Review reaches 250; Letters and reviews.

249 March 2017
Wigan – Part 2; Newport; Grottes de Han; Route branding; Picture This: Perth; Index 2015/6; Letters and reviews.

248 December 2016
Calcutta Pt 2: 1940s to present day; Wigan’s narrow-gauge tramlines Pt 1; Unseen Leicester images; London memories; Letters and reviews.

247 September 2016
Calcutta Tramways Company Pt 1; How a strike killed Oxford’s trams; Melbourne’s special ‘VR’ trams: A Huddersfield interlude; Letters and reviews.

246 June 2016
A visit to Leicester; Manchester; Rangoon: Conduit tramways in Bordeaux; Dalmuir swing bridge: Pakistan tramway answers; Letters and reviews.

245 March 2016
Aigle - Leysin: In sickness and in health; Damascus part 3: Vichy to closure; Southampton's final movements; Dutch Quartet: Pre-war Liverpool; Letters and reviews.

244 December 2015
Tram-trains in the 21st Century - AC Traction conclusion; The Blackpool Dreadnoughts; Damascus: Revolt, treaty and war: Letters and reviews.

243 September 2015
Early electrification - AC Traction continued; Damascus under the Ottomans; Converts: A pictorial record of the Leeds Converts.; Letters and reviews.

242 June 2015
Early electrification - AC Tractions; Algiers - Early design pioneer; Cruden Bay - Trams and tourists; Portsmouth & Horndean Light Railway and Gosport & Fareham Tramway's cars; Letters and reviews.

241 March 2015
West Berlin by tram in the 1950s; Finding covers for Hull's trams; Dublin: The pre-War calm...; Conduits: The right and wrong; 80 years of Blackpool's Balloons (pt.2); Letters and reviews.

240 December 2014
1961: A Belgian tram escapade; Sliding Current Collectors (part 2); How to roster: Step by step; The pre-war Converts of Leeds; Letters and reviews.

239 September 2014
Melbourne; Ramsey; Sliding Current Collectors (part 1); The British Electric Tramcar; Swansea; Letters and reviews.

238 June 2014
Portsmouth: 1929-35 tramcars; End of the line for Leeds factory; Tram by train from Swansea; The last days in Taunton; Mittelbadische Eisenbahn; Letters and reviews.

237 March 2014
120 years in Toronto; Paintsw, Police and Pantomimes (wartime Salford); Washington; Letters and reviews.

236 December 2013
Leicester; Valenciennes; Timothy Tramcar; Stamford Hill Pt 2; Letters and reviews.

235 September 2013
the last days of Newcastle trams; Stamford Hill - 4 lines meet up; Sunderland; The story of a belgian tycoon; Letters and reviews.

234 June 2013
Life on the 10B (Liverpool); RTM Pt. 2; Sunderland; Swiss standards; Letters and reviews.

233 March 2013
Christchurch double decker 26; The Diesel era on the Dutch RTM; Solving traffic congestion; Letters and reviews.

232 December 2012
How Bristol lost its trams; Japan's trams and the A-bombs; Route Histories; Swiss Standards Pt4; London 1906: Letters and reviews.

231 September 2012
The Brussels conduit story Pt2; Manchester to Hyde; Route Histories; Swiss Standards Pt3; Edinburgh's final movements: Letters and reviews.

230 June 2012
Swiss Standards Pt2; Manchester to Hyde; Picture This: Cork; Special Colour feature; Letters and reviews.

229 March 2012
How much? the cost of building a tramway explained; Farewell to the Brussels conduit; 50 years since Glasgow's closure; Letters and reviews.

228 December 2011
Unwanted legacies, Santos, Brazil; The Bootle routes; Trams in Leicester city centre; Letters and reviews.

227 September 2011
Water in wigan... and tramcars in Leeds; Last Movements: Salford & Sheffield; Brussels PCCs; Trams past a Royal Palace; Transforming the HSM/HTM; Letters and reviews.

226 June 2011
A German country tramway; Memories of Edinburgh; Liverpool's last rites; Scheveningen goes electric; Letters and reviews.

225 March 2011
Northwards from Manchester; HTM steam tramway; Picture this - Guernsey; Letters and reviews.

224 December 2010
Salford versus Manchester; Ponders End great tram race; Leeds - the final movements; Picture this - Namur; Letters and reviews.

223 September 2010
Sheffield Lane Top Part 2; The story of the Brilliner; Roma - a tram tale; Letters and reviews.

222 June 2010
Sheffield Lane Top; Derby Cameo; Brill's riposte to the PCC; The tram in Waterland (2); Letters and reviews.

221 March 2010
By light rail to the Glaciers; The tram in Waterland; Index to volumes 27 & 28; Letters and reviews.

220 December 2009
More on the Haarlem system; Final tram movements; Bradford, Bristol, Cardif, Dublin, Dundee; Letters and reviews.

219 September 2009
A brief history of Haarlem; Final tram movements; Sheffields Walkely route; Chrich's 50th birthday: Dalmuir Swing bridge; Bruxelles, Place Rogier 1921:Letters and reviews.

218 June 2009
WestPenn - The final years; LRTA tours - the end for Glasgow; To the Bay and back - Llandudno; Memories of a horse tram driver: John Gillham - a tribute:Letters and reviews.

217 March 2009
WestPenn - A Pennsylvania Interurban; Harlen for the tramfan; Salford380 - Two careful owners;LRTA tram tours 1956-58; Letters and reviews.

216 December 2008
The Brussels Expo story; Birmingham's battery trams; Tramway history on the internet; Letters and reviews.

215 September 2008
LRTA tram tours back in 1955; London's conduit and overhead; The Tientsin horse tram; Letters and reviews.

214 July 2008
Completing the Tientsin story; LRTA tours in the early 1950s; More Leeds memories; Latest books reviewed.

213 May 2008
A ride on the Liverpool tramway; Tientsin's European heritage; Glasgow Museum trams 'are safe'; Latest books reviewed.

212 December 2007
A tram nearly killed the president; Uncovering Newcastle liveries; Wallasey - Flashback to 1902; New books reviewed.

211 September 2007
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay. West Ham 66 Takes a Trip. LRTL Tram Tours 1950-51. Brussels Tyoe 5000 Cars.

210 June 2007
Hull Tramcars; Bangkok; "Devils, Comets, Bells and Bullets Part 2; Index to Vol 26.

209 March 2007
Blackpool Vambac II, LCCTT Projects, "Devils, Comets, Bells and Bullets: Part 1" (USA), Eddingston

208 December 2006
Tramways of Salonica, LRTL Tours1947-49, Trolley Wire, Rawenstall 23, Dewsbury 1909

207 September 2006
LRTL Tours, LCC No. 1, LCC Trams of the 1930s, Sheffield 501, Budapest 1956.

206 June 2006
The N-Type trams of the SNCF; Comfort in Bradford -2; Tram Tails

205 Spring 2006
Barrow Steam Trams, Singapore Centenary, Comfort in Bradford -1

204 Winter 2005
Guernsey Tramways; Leicester tramway twighlight; Manor House

203 Autumn 2005
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay; The end of the line; Twin wire concluded; The 1909 Fulwell tram strike

202 Summer 2005
The tramway world of Mitchell & Kenyon; Twin wires in Cincinnati; Coventry postscript

201 Spring 2005
Pale Queens of Sheffield; What next in tramway history? Mistake at Middleton; Southport Mysteries.

200 Winter 2004
Decades of change 1950-2004. LCC Tramways depot allocations 1929-1933. The growth of tramways in Great Britain -2,

199 Autumn 2004
Manchester's reserved track tramways, Sunderland, Last night of the trams.

198 Summer 2004
The growth of tramways in Great Britain -1, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Horse trams, Twin trolley wire systems -4

197 Spring 2004
Nottingham - Trent Bridge to Bulwell by tram. (includes maps from 1926 and 2004!); The part played by trade associations; Twin Trolley wire systems -3.

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