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Citadis news

China: It has been announced that 30 Citadis trams have been ordered for use in the Songjiang suburb of Shanghai. Announcing the order on April 9, Alstom said it was the first order for Citadis trams in China. Songjiang district plans to build six tram lines by 2020, with the 30 Citadis trams to be used on the two first lines, T1 and T2, which are scheduled to open by 2017. The two lines will have a total length of 31 km with 42 stops, and are predicted to carry 173 000 passengers/day. According to Alstom, Shanghai plans to build an 800 km tram network by 2020.

France: Toulouse tramway T2 which is due to start operation this weekend will use Alstom Citadis trams to link to the city's Airport. This line adds 3 stops and joins line T1 at Ancelyy

France: Alstom will supply 5 new Citadis trams to Bordeaux Métropole, completing the existing fleet of 100 trams already in circulation on the 79 km of track which makes up the network. With a total of 105 trams ordered since the year 2000, Bordeaux will own one of the largest tram fleets in France.

10 April 2015

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