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Aarhus trams take over rail line

After running its Aarhus urban tramway since December 2017, test running on the light rail extensions to Odder (29km, 30-minute service) and Lisbjergskolen (3km) started on 16 July using a mixture of Stadler Variobahn (14 80km/h cars) and Tango (12 100km/h cars) vehicles. The start of passenger service depended on TBST regulatory approval, and this came on 24 August, in time for Midtrafik to carry passengers on the 25 August run-out, starting with the 05.20 Aarhus H to Lisbjergskolen.

It is hoped to extend the line north over the rail line to Grenaa by the end of the year. The lines to Odder and Grenaa had their conventional rail service suspended two years ago, and management was pleased that passengers returned in large numbers in the first days, when standing loads were recorded at peak periods and 40-50% loads off-peak. Lertbane director Michael Borre said, 'Customers have taken great pleasure in using our new service. From the start we have seen full trains at peak periods, but still many passengers in the middle of the day. It is very positive. We see it as an expression that rail service has been missed, and that fulfills an important role for public transport in the area'.

Citizens are now being consulted on stage II of the Letbane project, a link from Braband in the western suburbs to join the existing line near Aarhus-H, and then branch off to the redeveloping docklands area at Aarhus-Ø.

6 September 2018

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