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The response about the preferred method of presentation showed a six to one preference to the method used in the Photogallery 3. As a result future updates will use that format but will also be arranged by country. The existing galleries shown in the table above will remain for the time being but as countries are added to the table below will eventually be phased out. The country galleries will contain pictures that were in the original galleries. Where there are new pictures this will be indicated by the update column information. Countries will be listed in order of their ISO two letter codes. Click on this code to select the page.

AUAustralia3 June 2003
Additional information 7 June 2003
BABosnia-Herzegovina7 June 2003
BEBelgium11 September 2007
CACanadaAdded 26 March 2010
DEGermanyAdded 04 September 2006
ESSpainAdded 01 September 2006
FRFrance5 October 2006
IRRepublic of Ireland15 July 2004
ITItaly17, 21 May 2004

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