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Photographic information

The LRTA welcomes the submission of pictures, both for the Website and for our magazine ‘Tramways & Urban Transit’. Please read the following information before sending pictures:

Pictures for ‘Tramways & Urban Transit’

We are delighted to accept digital pictures, but only very high resolution images are suitable for publication. You may e–mail a low resolution picture in the first instance, but be prepared to send a larger file by return if requested.

Pictures for the Website

Every picture tells a story — but just to make sure send a caption with your photo and make sure it says where and when the photo was taken, what it shows and who the photographer was — we need too a declaration by the photographer and/or owner of the copyright giving the LRTA permission to publish the picture. We sometimes get requests from other sites promoting light rail for permission to use pictures from our site (on a non-commercial basis). Unless you state otherwise permission will be assumed to agree to such requests.

We can accept pictures as JPEG, GIF or BMP files or as prints — preferably 6" x 4" or larger (15 x 10 cms). Although we can accept BMP files we would prefer that you send in JPEG format wherever possible. Pictures on our site are displayed at 75dpi and are compressed at 50%. Mostly there are a height of approx. 410 or 370 pixels for horizontal format with thumbnails at a width of 160 pixels. If you can send pictures to those specifications and can adjust for optimum sharpness etc. it would be appreciated otherwise we will make those adjustments as required. If you can only send in BMP format please send description of picture(s) so we can advise on suitability, so as to save your,and our, upload/download time. Please make sure that pictures you send us are in focus! Colour or monochrome pictures are eligible.

General note:

The main aim of the LRTA is in promoting light rail as a superior form of urban public transport. For this reason we would prefer pictures of modern vehicles performing their task. Pictures which indicate how trams can achieve their aims, how they can fit into the urban (and rural scene), showing good interchange facilities and other ways in which trams provide a good service for passengers are always appreciated. Photographers naturally tend to wait until they can get their picture without people obscuring their view. The primary purpose of trams is however for carrying people and therefore we welcome pictures of trams carrying lots of people and well populated street scenes. While we enjoy seeing pictures of heritage vehicles there is only a limited opportunity on this site for such pictures.

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