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"Platform Pages"

This page gives individual LRTA Members and others the opportunity to present their ideas or plans for transport policies or proposals for their town, city or nation.

The views stated in "Platform Pages" are entirely those of the authors concerned - publication on this website does not imply that the LRTA endorses or supports the views expressed.

If you have well thought out and argued views on an urban public transit policy or proposal affecting your town or city, we will consider giving you space on this web site to set out your case. Just e-mail your text to the LRTA webmaster - Purely negative, "knocking", anti-authority rantings will NOT get an airing! Editorial control rests with the LRTA Webmaster. Inclusion on the page will not signify support of the views/case by the LRTA. Where "Platform Pages" challenge official plans or policies, the LRTA offers the government or other official body concerned the opportunity to present its views and comments as well.

Index of "Platform Papers"
No.DateAuthorTitle of Paper
1May 1998Howard PiltzA better route for South Manchester? - withdrawn
2July 1998Ivor ChapmanLea Bridge Road - What can a White Paper do?
3September 2001Michael BellThe Possibility Of A Robot Street Tram

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