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The Light Rail Transit Association’s magazine is widely regarded as the definitive light rail journal and is essential reading for all concerned with urban transport and planning. T & UT is published on the third Friday of every month and is full of news, features and articles about light rail and urban transit systems around the world.

Read how cities are transforming themselves with modern modes of urban transit — making them better places to live, work, shop and play — enabling civilised life without the dominance of the motor car.

The LRTA also publishes an historical magazine Tramway Review, further information here.

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The November T&UT issue (No 1007) has been uploaded.

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Article list for 2021 Vol. 84, earlier years lists are linked below

997 January 2021Lanna BlythCuenca: linking the old and the new
997 January 2021Matt JohnstonWhat can we learn from 2020?
997 January 2021 Global Light Rail Awards 2020
997 January 2021Mike BallingerSystems Factfile 159 - Appenzell/St. Gallen, Switzerland
997 January 2021Geoffrey ClaydonClassic Trams: UK heritage lines fight for survival
998 February 2021Morgan LyonsWhat future for US transit?
998 February 2021Mike Taplinnew tramways for 2021
998 February 2021Dr Alex LuvishisProspects for a H2 revolution
998 February 2021Tony StreeterSystems Factfile 160 - Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
988 February 2021Ernesto FalzoneClassic Trams: Buenos Aires Anniversary
999 March 2021Alistair GordonQ&A: 'Europe has embraced trams - why haven't we?'
999 March 2021Per Gunnar AnderssonLund: A new model for sustainability
999 March 2021David GibsonElectrification masterclass: Powering trams
999 March 2021Neil PullingSystems Factfile 161 - Sheffield, UK
999 March 2021Mike RussellClassic Trams: Halle's electric '130' Pt 1
1000 April 2021UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani Comment: Meeting the challenges of the past, present and future
1000 April 2021Colin RobeyLRT Route Map: The route to success
1000 April 2021Michael TaplinTram orders: 2021
1000 April 2021Howard JohnstonIt all began in 1938... Who could have imagined..?
1000 April 2021Paul RowenRole of the LRTA: 1000 not out... 83 years of campaigning
1000 April 2021 18 Milestone moments
1000 April 2021 Iconic images: Picture this
1000 April 2021David GibsonElectrification masterclass: Powering trams Pt 2.
1000 April 2021Mike RussellSystems Factfile 162 - Ulan-Ude, Russia
1000 April 2021Mike RussellClassic Trams: Saale reflections (Halle) Pt 2
1001 May 2021Witold UrbanowiczWarsaw: Challenges for a growing city. Pt 1.
1001 May 2021Oliver DoyleMauritius Metro: On track to Quatre Bornes
1001 May 2021Alex LuvishisElectro-diesel tram-trains and their prospects
1001 May 2021Tony StreeterSystems Factfile 163 - Chemnitz, Germany
1001 May 2021Sergei Zhevak Classic Trams: Re-creating a 'Russian Witt'
1002 June 2021Q&A:Phil Washington CEO LA Metro'Our future is fareless'
1002 June 2021Maarten van BremenAmsterdam: Reimagining Metro Oostlijn
1002 June 2021Witold UrbanowiczWarsaw: Challenges for a growing city. Pt 2.
1002 June 2021 Systems Factfile 164 - Portland, USA
1002 June 2021Mike Russell Classic Trams: Tram World Kolkata
1003 July 2021Eduard Cabrera, Infrastructure Manager of ATMUnifying Barcelona's Tramways
1003 July 2021Tony StreeterMUNICH: '30 BY 30'
1003 July 2021 What makes a modern depot?
1003 July 2021Mathias SerreMaximising technology in a contactless world
1003 July 2021Neil PullingSystems Factfile 165 - Manchestr, UK
1003 July 2021Ian Longworth Classic Trams: Six weeks... to 40 years (Bolton 66)
1004 Aug 2021 KIEL: Future-proofing public transport
1004 Aug 2021Nicola SmallCOVENTRY: VLR on track
1004 Aug 2021Thomas LorentRail Masterclass: Maximising the environmental benefits
1004 Aug 2021 DART 25 Special: Tracks of transformation
1004 Aug 2021Neil PullingSystems Factfile 166 - Jena, Germany
1004 Aug 2021Mike Russell Classic Trams: Crich under Covid
1005 Sept 2021 UK Light Rail Conference - Bouncing back
1005 Sept 2021David WalmsleySafety Management on European Tramways
1005 Sept 2021Vic SimonsCanada commits to LRT
1005 Sept 2021Neil PullingSystems Factfile 167 - Schöneiche and Woltersdorf, Germany
1005 Sept 2021Mike Russell Classic Trams: Kraków's N-type show
1006 Oct 2021Lanna BlythAI and automation - An intelligent future
1006 Oct 2021Vic SimonsCanada commits to LRT part 2
1006 Oct 2021 China: LRT's new superpower
1006 Oct 2021Neil PullingSystems Factfile 168 - Blackpool, UK
1006 Oct 2021Mike Russell and Luc Koenot Classic Trams: Gent's PCC saviours
1007 Nov 2021 Creating a UK light rail strategy
1007 Nov 2021Geoff ButlerEuropean Light Rail Congress: Sharing experience in Zaragoza
1007 Nov 2021 Restoring confidence through digital technology
1007 Nov 2021Tony StreeterManaging Safety
1007 Nov 2021Andrew ThompsonSystems Factfile 169 - Olsztyn, Poland
1007 Nov 2021Mike Russell and Luc Koenot Classic Trams: Liberec's half closure

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